I am learning how to make 100% buckwheat crepes (Crepes Sarrasin). So delicious! Trying out various recipes, with and without egg, or milk. A cast-iron griddle works okay for crepes unless you want to flip them without a spatula. De Buyer pans are gorgeous.

RECIPE: Potato peel chips

4 medium organic potatoes, washed

de Buyer blue steel crepe pan

Heat-tolerant cooking oil (I use sunflower or avocado oil. Canola oil is not recommended because it can leave a coating that is impossible to remove without ruining the surface of the pan.)

Salt and pepper

This is a small de Buyer blue steel crepe pan, made in France. The instructions to make it ready for use were to sauté potato peels in it. They smelled so good, we ate them.

Heat a thin layer of oil in the crepe pan on medium. Thickly peel the potatoes and when the oil is hot but not smoking, put the peels in the pan and sauté them until mostly crispy. Let them stick to the pan just a little bit so they get browned. Too much sticking and you will defeat the purpose of seasoning the pan. Drain on paper towel, season with salt and pepper.