Four large or six medium beets, washed and the ends cut off

Two or three cloves

Salt and pepper

Cooking oil or ghee

Other seasonings as desired

Plain whole milk yogurt

2-4 T sweet white miso paste

One medium to large onion, chopped

One medium clove fresh garlic

A good blender

Chopped parsley, strained yogurt, extra virgin olive oil

One cup of raw unblanched almonds, soaked in lightly salted water for 24 hours

Cook the beets in water to cover, let cool, peel, save the cooking liquid, remove the cloves. While the beets are cooking, sauté the onion in olive oil or ghee until just beginning to brown. Drain the almonds and discard the soaking water. Blend everything, adding water little bit by little bit if the mixture is too thick, and as little or as much yogurt as suits you. Adjust seasonings, add extra virgin olive oil as desired, or drizzle oil when serving.

Chill and serve. Garnish with chopped parsley and/or strained yogurt, as you like. Tile by Paul Barchilon.

Beet almond soup on a Paul Barchilon tile