Quality counts

As in governance, so in food: quality counts and will out. I am clarifying butter at the moment. I do that regularly. It is cheaper than buying clarified butter, and I can control the end result. I like the clarified butter to be ever so slightly caramelized. All butters are not created equal. On the …

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Massimo Bottura’s Amazing Risotto

Another wonderful episode on “Chef’s Table,” the first one, features the delightful Italian chef Massimo Bottura. An earthquake in Modena put hundreds of thousands of pounds of Parmigiano Reggiano at risk… here’s the story, from Saveur’s website: “Massimo Bottura’s Revolutionary Risotto” Can’t wait to try it! Mac and cheese in paradise.

Kuyashii: motivation to succeed

I have been watching the Netflix series “Chef’s Table.” Love it! Beautifully done and totally fascinating for a cook like myself. David Gelb, who directed the wonderful “Jiro Dreams of Sushi,” is executive producer of the series. Chef Niki Nayakama is featured in the fourth episode of the first season. I so want to eat …

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