Civic virtue 1: know the opposition. Know their positions, know what motivates them, know what is underneath the lies (because yes all politicians lie), know what gets under their skin, and above all, never underestimate them.

When I can stand it, I visit FoxNews online, as well the NY Observer, and now, on a friend’s recommendation, The National Review. I can see why if FoxNews is all you saw, and if you believed it…

Can’t bring myself to visit Breitbart more than once in a very long while. Just did, and now I am scared of an EMP attack. Apparently, all someone has to do is detonate a nuclear device: “Any nuclear detonation at an altitude of 30 kilometers or higher will generate EMP.” No ICBM needed, no precision targeting, no particular sophistication at all.

Yeesh. So those science fiction television series and movies about life after the EMP may turn out to be prescient.

Guess we all better learn how to garden. And how about decentralizing power generation? Seriously. Homeland security? Asleep at the switch?