Thank you, Chevy Chase! We miss you, Jane Curtin! Where are you, Lorraine Newman? We could use one of your polls about now…

It was a relief to see Milo Yiannopoulos on Bill Maher this week. He was pretty pathetic. Transparently needy. Yes, a twit, as Bill Maher said, but a lot less than that, and certainly not impish. Impish to me implies a certain charm, and I found Milo’s self-consciousness excruciating to watch. Like he practiced that sidelong-upwards-glance-from-downcast-eyes-with-pout look for hours on end in the mirror. Did his pitifulness invoke compassion in me? Nope. Maybe if he hadn’t lied about transgender crime. Nah.

How was it a relief? The dragon I feared he might be turned out to be a tiny little wiggly worm, easily washed down the drain.

And I am just so sick and tired of white men getting down on women for owning their right to be treated as equals. If I weren’t mincing words, I’d say “for owning their superiority to men.” And now I’ve said it.

Good riddance, Milo Y. In the words of your hero, “Loser! Sad!”