For those of us left of center, who have been disappointed over and over again by Democratic administrations who promise change and deliver no change, at least we will not be disappointed by the Trump administration. It is exceeding expectations for awful at every turn.

The only wild card is the obvious trust and confidence he places in his daughter, Ivanka. Could she possibly have her “Free At Last, Free At Last” moment, shrug off the coat of daughterly deference and rise as a feminist?

Doubtful though unknown. But in this nightmare we are slow motion approaching and soon to be buried up to our necks in, I find myself clinging to the most absurd hopes.

There is a reasonable hope though, a very horns-of-the-dilemma hope: that from this awfulness, from this fire reducing us to ashes (perhaps literally, but if not, then…) we will rise and remake this world.

And if we do not, if nuclear armageddon happens, or a slower death to us all, then fifty-thousand years from now… things will be better.

Another sneaking suspicion: some of the support Trump enjoys from evangelicals is because they think one of two things: he is the Second Coming, or he will bring the End of Days.

Seventy year old virgins, here we come!