Did anyone catch that picture of Drumpf’s meeting with the Silicon Valley people this week? First of all, the press was “ushered out” before the meeting got underway, so the picture shows the attitudes before the meeting. They might have changed. Might. What you see on those faces is distaste. What you see on the table is a little plastic bottle of water in front of each participant, and that bottle has a blue label on which in all caps is printed, of course, “TRUMP.” So one way or another, in everything this person— and I use the word loosely— in everything this person does he will do his best to make sure he makes a buck or billion out of it.

You would think that the least someone could do, when gifted by birth with great wealth and opportunity, not to mention the privilege of race, gender and height, the least someone could do is to develop a sense of compassion for others, a sense of obligation to give back to a world that had given so much by accident of birth.

Why is no one digging into his cocaine use? How has it been kept a secret so well for so long under so much presumed scrutiny? I find it almost impossible to believe that he is not using cocaine. His voice has that adenoidal quality— anyone of his wealth would long ago have had his adenoids out if that was actually the source of his audibly inflamed nasal passages. So we are left with the suspicion, just a suspicion, but a nagging one, that Mr. Trump is a user. That cocaine is the reason he sleeps so little and things so well of himself and is so quick to feel slighted and attacked. These three things are all symptoms of regular cocaine use.

Can someone out there in the press please look into this? Surely there is a loose thread someone can pick.

And while we’re at it, how about subpoenaing his phone records so we can find out whether or not he spoke with Putin during the campaign.

That is another nagging suspicion I have: they spoke during the campaign, and Trump has known all along about Russia’s meddling. He was complicit if not downright up to his elbows in it.