While the spectacle of crass that is the Trump campaign rolls on, little islands of common ground are cropping up. They are islands of decency in a sea of spineless partisanship: Republicans are disavowing Trump’s attack on the Gold Star Khan family.

It is possible that Trump is actually clinically unhinged, but he could just be a garden variety jerk who is overtired from the rigors of the campaign trail— poor Donald! he could be having such a good life if he had not made this incredible sacrifice of running for a job he is in no way even remotely qualified for.

Meanwhile, back in 2012, the exellent podcast Planet Money assembled a panel of economists across the political spectrum and asked them to come up with and agree upon six tax policies that would go along way toward fixing the tax system in this country.

It is such a thrill to see that there is actually common ground across the political spectrum! Enjoy!