Why they trust Trump

Gerry Mander’s excellent book Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television points out that we take in television as if it is real: we believe it in a way we do not believe either movies or books. Another thing I have noticed is that I form attachments even to villains, on television shows. Those two …

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Dead end fantasy for sale

This is one of my favorite images from Montana. And it pretty much sums up what Trump is selling, stripped of his facile lies.

Why they all hate Hillary

It’s the same old same old misogyny. Susan Faludi laid it all out in her 1991 book Backlash. The more women have gained, the more push-back there is from the forces ever arrayed against progress. It’s the same old same old for Hillary. No other American politician has endured anywhere near the unrelenting vicious attacks …

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Climate change: not bloody enough

It’s still “if it bleeds, it leads.” Even Secretary of State John Kerry has declared terrorism to be a more urgent threat than climate change. It is more abjectly terrifying and immediate, sure. Maybe it’s just about the choice of word: “urgent.” Urgent is now, climate change is still and ever tomorrow (until it’s not). …

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Summer salad

Shira and I are working up the menu for a dinner party next week. First item decided upon is a variation on the greek salad: Cucumber, quartered and sliced thin Black botija olives, pitted and quartered Fresh goat feta, diced Green onions, chopped Umeboshi vinegar, a few splashes Extra virgin olive oil, a few splashes …

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The Mandoline and the China Cap

Back when I made my living as a cook, there were two kitchen tools that fascinated me. I have never owned either one. The China Cap (similar, with smaller holes, the Chinois) is a tool I might some day have in my kitchen, especially if I have a hook to hang it from. Both are …

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Massimo Bottura’s Amazing Risotto

Another wonderful episode on “Chef’s Table,” the first one, features the delightful Italian chef Massimo Bottura. An earthquake in Modena put hundreds of thousands of pounds of Parmigiano Reggiano at risk… here’s the story, from Saveur’s website: “Massimo Bottura’s Revolutionary Risotto” Can’t wait to try it! Mac and cheese in paradise.

Cold soup: beet almond

Four large or six medium beets, washed and the ends cut off Two or three cloves Salt and pepper Cooking oil or ghee Other seasonings as desired Plain whole milk yogurt 2-4 T sweet white miso paste One medium to large onion, chopped One medium clove fresh garlic A good blender Chopped parsley, strained yogurt, …

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An MFK Fisher delicacy

MFK Fisher is one of my favorite writers. This is a snack I learned about in one of her books. It is for people who have radiators, preferably without covers! Peel a tangerine or a clementine or a mandarin orange. Separate the sections and place them on the radiator. When they have warmed, eat them. …

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