The Reason for Skylarks

Let not the perfect be the enemy of the good! At this moment in my life I have the luxury of time. I spend a good deal of it worrying how I may best overcome the obstacles my nature presents in order that I may put my best self to use. The other day over …

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Empty witness

I went to see The Bee at the Utah Arts Festival last night. The Bee is a storytelling event. A woman got up and told a story that was wrenching and still so raw in her that things were left out for us to fill in, not details, not the reality we had not witnessed …

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Trump Boondeg

As Drumpf rolls on— as I watch with fascinated disgust— I remember a day in 2009 in Ireland, on a pub-to-pub outing with good friends in County Clare. We ended the day at a mausoleum of a place, an enormous golf resort called… Boondeg. While my friends talked business with their associates, I wandered the …

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Naming madmen

Bombing the second holiest site in Islam during Ramadan is not the act of an Islamic state. If a madman called himself “the president of the United States” would we refer to him that way? No. We would refer to him as a madman. “The Islamic State?” Seriously?  

Sugar sand

Round hay bales at Hy Court